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European Journal of Dental and Oral Health (EJDENT) is a high quality, open access, international, peer-reviewed online journal which aims to monthly publish full length original research papers, reviews, case studies related to all areas of Dental and Oral Health such as :
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ISSN: 2684-4443 (Online)
DOI: 10.24018/ejdent
Frequency: Bimontly
Submission to Publication: 30 days (Avg)

List of Accepted Papers


Photoelastic Stress in Mandibular Overdenture Retained by Two Implants

Júlia Trevizam Campana, Mauro Antônio de Arruda Nóbilo, Rafael Leonardo Xediek Consani
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Evaluation of the Microhardness of Different Types of Bulk Fill Resins

Mila O. S. Viana, Thays C. S. Lopes, Matheus A. B. S. Lopes, Lilian G. S. Pires, Marta R. O. Campos, Ayrton S. Brandim
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3D printing – A Revolutionary Change in Pediatric Dentistry

Shilpi Dutta, Sonal Gupta, Simran Isha, Menia Gumro, Mahima Panwar
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