Knowledge and Attitude of Guardians in Management of Avulsion of Primary and Permanent Teeth of Children: A Questionnaire-Based Study


  •   Hira Abbasi

  •   Abhishek Lal

  •   Ammara Shamim Jaffrani


Aims: This study aims to assess knowledge and attitude of guardians in management of dental avulsion of the children.

Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out at Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine, Pakistan, from April to May 2021. A total of 400 parents were recruited. An online self-administered questionnaire was circulated to the parents after taking the informed consent. 17 questions regarding demographics, knowledge and attitude were included. Chi-square test was used for association between demographics and responses of the participants.

Results: Of the 400 participants, there were 140 (35%) males and 260 (65%) females. Most of the 180 (45%) participants belonged to 18-30 years age bracket. About 63% of the children did not have past dental trauma history. Predominantly, 80% chose dentists being most appropriate of emergency treatment. 33% believed to visit the dentist within 30minutes for treatment. About 50% participants agreed avulsed teeth can be placed back into its original position. More than half knew different transport mediums, with milk (21%) and Hanks Balanced Salt Solution (19%) being commonly selected. Younger age group and females were more knowledgeable regarding emergency management.

Conclusion: Dental avulsion is a common finding in childhood, which mandates proper knowledge for the guardians. There is still a gap present in adequate knowledge for management of such emergencies which mandates organizations of education and awareness programs for both children and adults.

Keywords: Attitude, Avulsed Teeth, Dental Trauma, Emergency, Knowledge


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