Emergency Intervention Need for Community Dental Services (Pathfinder Survey in North Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi, Indonesia)


  •   Burhanuddin Daeng Pasiga

  •   Arifurrahman Burhanuddin


Background: Oral health is considered an important component of public health, but there are still many people who are less concerned with oral and dental health. Objective: to describe emergency dental care interventions for communities based on age groups in North Mamuju.West of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Materials, and Methods: The age categories in the survey were three age groups: children (6-12 years old), young (12-17 years old), and adults (18-60 years old). Analytical observational research with Cross-sectional design, which is a survey of oral pathfinder, determined by simply taking, they are Sarjo and Bambaira Districts.

Results: The sample of 935 men with male sex was 39.7% and women 63.3%. The percentage of distribution of dental care needs is 97.4%. Emergency care needed is preventive care / routine care needed as much as 13.5%, rapid care needs as much as 65.8%, urgent care needs due to pain, and dental infections as much as 17.2%.

Conclusion: The need for emergency and immediate dental care in the community is still quite high.

Keywords: Dental Health services, Emergency, Intervention


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