The Impact of Maternal, Perinatal, and Early Infancy Period on the Eruption Timing of the First Primary Tooth


  •   Aikaterini I. Georgiadou

  •   Athanasios Ritsas

  •   Aristidis Arhakis


Aim: The aim of this study is to identify and review the literature on effect of perinatal and early infancy factors on the eruption chronology of the first deciduous tooth.

Materials and methods: A PubMed database literature survey regarding the influence of maternal, perinatal and early infancy period factors on eruption timing of the first primary tooth covering the period from January 1964 to 2020 was conducted.

Results: Maternal factors such as smoke exposure during pregnancy, gestational age or even Vitamin D levels could possibly affect the eruption timing. Strong association was evident between some perinatal factors like infant’s birth weight or ethnicity and primary teeth eruption chronology, as opposed to infant’s birth length or sex. Many studies indicated that prematurity could lead to delayed eruption timing, while other studies do not confirm that allegation. Additionally, weight gain during early infancy period seems to have a great effect on eruption timing, whereas feeding method’s impact is not clarified yet.

Conclusion: Eruption timing of the first primary tooth is not influenced by only one specific factor. Several conditions may act together and increase the risk of delayed or accelerated teeth eruption, occurring additively or even synergistically. The association between perinatal and early infancy factors and eruption timing of the first primary tooth needs further controlled studies as well as research in a wider spread of ethnicities. 

Keywords: Early infancy period, maternal period, perinatal period, primary teeth, tooth eruption timing


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