Closed Hollow Bulb Obturator: Laboratory Procedures


  •   Khadija El Assraoui

  •   Kanza Mrhar

  •   Rajae Zeroual

  •   Khadija Kaoun

  •   Samira Bellemkhannate


Patients with maxillectomy face problems with speech, swallowing, chewing and appearance. These defects are prosthetically rehabilitated with obturators that prevent oronasal communication, restoring function and social reintegration.

An obturator must be light-weight, tight, easy to make and low cost. This article describes a simplified technique for fabrication of an acrylic hollow bulb obturator in two pieces using single flask. The prosthesis is made entirely of heat cure acrylic resin. The two parts of the obturator are sealed with the self-curing resin.

Keywords: Hollow bulb obturator, Maxillectomy, maxillofacial Prosthesis


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