Alveolar Ridge Preservation Using Autogenous Dentin Graft versus Demineralized Freeze-dried Bone Allograft (DFDBA): A Case Report


  •   César Esquivel-Chirino

  •   Vanessa Vargas-Romero

  •   Gerardo Rodríguez-Torres

  •   Verónica Villatoro-Ugalde

  •   María Guadalupe Rivas-Fonseca

  •   Delina G. Montes-Sánchez

  •   Daniela Carmona Ruiz

  •   Yolanda Valero Princet

  •   Christian Márquez-Correa


Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure that is performed due to pulp and periapical pathology, periodontal disease, or teeth that are not deemed to be prosthetically or endodontically restorable. Following tooth extraction, bone resorption and vertical or horizontal defects occur. Traditionally, ridge preservation warrants the use of different agents such as autografts, allografts, xenografts, and mineral or ceramic materials. Autogenous dentin grafts are alternative to ridge preservation with osteoconductive, osteoinductive, and non-immunogenic properties to generate bone formation. The aim of the case report was to evaluate and compare clinical and histological outcomes using an autogenous dentin graft versus an allogeneic bone graft (DFDBA) as an alternative for ridge preservation.

Keywords: alveolar ridge preservation, DFDBA, autogenous dentin graft, tooth extraction


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