Complex Odontoma: A Case Report


  •   Piyali Adhikari

  •   Rudra Prasad Chatterjee

  •   Swagata Gayen

  •   Mousumi Paul

  •   Mehebuba Sultana

  •   Sk. A. Mahmud

  •   Sanjeet Kumar Das


Odontoma, a mixed odontogenic tumor, is considered to be a hamartoma rather than a true neoplasm. Fully developed odontomas chiefly consist of enamel, dentin, pulp and occasionally cementum. They are subdivided into compound and complex types. The compound odontoma is composed of multiple, small tooth like structures, whereas the complex type consists of a conglomerated mass of enamel and dentin, having no anatomical resemblance to a tooth. They are usually asymptomatic, slow growing but cause bony expansion, which is often discovered during routine radiography. Here, we report a case of a complex odontoma in the posterior left mandibular region in an eight year old female child.

Keywords: Complex odontoma, hamartoma, odontogenic tumors


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