Surgical Approach to the Treatment of Advanced Periimplantitis: Case Report


  •   Thaynara Patrícia Tavares

  •   Fabiano Araújo Cunha

  •   Rafael Paschoal Esteves Lima


Periimplantitis is a destructive inflammatory disease that affects peri-implant tissues after osseointegration. It is a prevalent condition and does not present an established and consensual therapeutic protocolyet. The objective of this study was to report a case of advanced periimplantitis treated with the implantoplasty technique. The patient presented the diagnosis of generalized periodontitis stage 3 and peri-implantitis in the implants installed in the region of teeth 24 and 25. After periodontal therapy, the implantoplasty procedure was performed, aiming to obtain a smooth and decontaminated surface and favor the insertion of periimplant tissues in the implant body after healing. Photodynamic therapy was also performed. The results showed improvement in the periimplant condition, characterized by significant reduction in the probing depth and bleeding.

Keywords: Periimplantitis, Implantoplasty, Periimplant Disease .


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