Pyogenic Granuloma: A Literature Review and A Case Report


  •   Athanasios Georgoulis

  •   Sofia Zarenti

  •   Menelaos Anastasopoulos

  •   Aikaterini-Elisavet Doufexi


Pyogenic granuloma of the oral cavity is a common, non-neoplastic, vascular tumor. The etiology is not clear and it is suggested to be attributed to different factors. It might be caused by a reaction to a stimulus such as trauma, viruses such as HSV-1, hormonal changes, as well as other factors such as tooth eruption or medication.  Clinically it appears as a painless tumor that tends to bleed easily, with red color and rarely may be accompanied by a periodontal abscess and bone loss. Biopsy is the most common tool used for the diagnosis. Its treatment is usually surgical excision and lately the use of lasers for its excision has emerged. Special care should be given to pregnant women where the treatment varies. The aim of this review is to present the background of oral pyogenic granuloma and the case report presents the situation, histological image and treatment of an adult woman patient.

Keywords: Lesion, oral pyogenic granuloma, pregnancy, vascular tumor


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