Aesthetics with Single Implants in the Anterior Sector: What Experts Claim


  •   María Carmen López-Carriches

  •   María Isabel Leco-Berrocal

  •   Setareh Linda Taheri

  •   Ricardo Bahram Taheri


The objective of this article is to review the keys for the correct placement of implants in the anterior sector of the maxilla in order to achieve long-term implant success and, since it is an anterior sector, correct aesthetics.

There should be a distance of at least 1.5 mm between the tooth and the implant, and ideally, the minimum vestibular thickness of bone of the implant should be 2 mm. Between implants the mesio-distal distance should be 3 mm and regarding the apico-coronal we should have at least 3 mm from the margin of the implant to the future restoration.

The case must be planned carefully and we have to decide: when to place the implant, the provisional restoration, the type of implant, requirement of a graft, etc.

Keywords: Aesthetic, critical contour, dental implants, emergence profile, subcritical contour, implant abutment, three-dimensional position


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