Myoepithelioma of Minor Salivary Gland: A Case Report


  •   António Barbosa

  •   Álvaro Rodrigues

  •   Teresa Corrales

  •   Sónia Viegas


Introduction: The myoepithelioma is a rare form of salivary glands tumors. The conservative surgery is the treatment of choice.

Case Report: 49 years old male with a submucosa mass of the inferior lip with over 20 years of evolution without progressive growth, bleeding or pain. The patient had no risk factors except history of smoking (34 pack-years). At physical examination the patient presented a consistent submucosa mass of the inferior lip at the right, mobile, painless and without visual signs of abnormal mucosa over the mass. An excisional biopsy was performed and the piece had a reniform shape and rubberish consistency with 30 x16 mm dimension. The histology exam revealed a myoepithelioma of minor salivary gland.

Discussion: Tumors with an exclusive constitution of myoepithelial cells are rare. The majority is located at parotid gland.

Conclusion: Myoepithelioma of minor salivary glands are rare and the number of reported cases is limited. The differential diagnosis with pleomorphic adenoma is important.

Keywords: Mouth neoplasms, myoepithelioma, oral, surgery


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