Knowledge & Practice of Radiation Exposure Protection Protocols by Dentists Performing Endodontic Treatment in Pakistan


  •   Ramsha Kamran

  •   Kiran Saba

  •   Saima Azam


Dental radiography is an essential diagnostic tool in endodontics and one of the indispensable indicators of success. However, the potentially harmful effects of radiation cannot be overlooked. The aim of this survey was to assess knowledge, attitude and practice of radiation hazards and exposure protection techniques of dentists in Pakistan. A cross-sectional study was conducted using an online survey questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed among all regions of Pakistan through social media and WhatsApp after carrying out the reliability analysis. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS 20.0. Question wise analysis using frequencies and percentages was done. Association between the level of awareness with qualification and workplace setting was carried out using chi-square test and logistic regression analysis. The minimum required sample size calculated for this study was 335. A total of 341 dentists [performing endodontic treatment] participated and submitted the form from all regions of Pakistan. 65% of the dentists were aware with the ALARA principle. 40% were aware with the ICRP and NCRP guidelines. Only 27% were using lead apron and 71.8% had never used thyroid collar on the patient. Furthermore, a positive correlation was seen between the designation and awareness level and practice [p=0.01]. Similarly, a significant correlation p=0.01 was seen between awareness level/practice and workplace setting. The results of the present study can help design continual education programs at regular intervals at institutional and national level for strict observance of radiation protection guidelines with more emphasis on general practitioners and government hospitals.

Keywords: Dentists, endodontics, knowledge, X-Rays, Pakistan, radiation protection


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