Recent Advances in Dental Sensors


  •   Aastha Baldodia

  •   Rajinder Kumar Sharma

  •   Shikha Tewari

  •   Aman Arora

  •   Muskan Baldodia


There have been advancements in sensing technologies in dentistry. Clinical applications in dentistry including Diagnosis as well monitoring disease and health in dental tissues are made easy with the advanced technologies in imaging and sensing tools. These recent advances in optical sources and detectors have unique applications including non-destructive testing, high speed and cost-effective electronic circuits, and novel signal processing methods. Some of the recent advances include optical coherence tomography, occlusal stabilization splint with stress-sensor system for bruxism, periodontal probe based on the fluorescent fiber position sensor, dental implantable temperature sensor for real time diagnosis of infectious periodontal disease, diamond probe/ perio2000 system, dental pulse oximeter with customized sensor holder, periodontal probe based on the flouroscent fiber position sensor etc.

Keywords: Advancements, caries, periodontal, sensors


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